How to reduce belly fat naturally

How to reduce belly fat naturally
Stomach belly is a big enemy for dieters, who always maintain their diet. However, what about those who have never participated in dieting activities, and want to get rid of a distended stomach. the problem is distended stomach does not only occur for people who are fat, but for those who are thin can also be affected.
How to reduce belly fat naturally

How to reduce belly fat?
There are 5 effective tips to reduce belly fat, including:

1.Cook your own food
For those of you who want to shrink a distended stomach, try cooking your own food because by cooking alone you will know the size and composition of food that will be consumed. Try cooking foods high in protein and fiber (high fiber foods such as wheat, oatmeal, peas, relatives, soy, etc.), low in carbohydrates, low in fat and sodium. Don't consume too many calories.

2.Regulate a healthy diet
Just like diet programs, in shrinking a distended abdomen it is necessary to adjust your diet. Like changing eating habits, which used to eat 2 plates now eat 1 plate. Try eating 3 or 4 times with small portions every day, because this will help burn calories quickly. The diet includes nuts, protein-rich foods, whole-grain cereals, nuts, fish, low-fat milk and small amounts of healthy fats (such as olive oil) and drink plenty of water every day.

3. Physical activity
Physical activities that help shrink a distended abdomen include CARDIO (such as brisk walking, biking, relaxing walking, jogging, etc.) and aerobic exercise, this will get rid of belly fat faster.

4. Get enough rest
With enough rest our body will recover stamina that has been drained. Enough rest like adequate sleep is so that the body does not increase the hormone ghrelin, which is a hormone that increases appetite.

5. Healthy lifestyle
Try changing your lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise, relaxing walk, yoga, meditation and avoid eating midnight, stop smoking.

these tips for getting rid of a distended stomach, hopefully useful.

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