Benefits of Betel Leaves for the cleanliness of your vagina

Benefits of Betel Leaves for the cleanliness of your vagina - Lots of properties of the betel leaf for health and beauty, this time a blog about herbs discusses the efficacy of betel leaf for the female area. It is suitable for you (women) who are looking to take care of their femininity for health and pampering the market.

Benefits of Betel Leaves for the cleanliness of your vagina

A Glance About Betel Leaves
It has been proven in ancient times until now, betel leaf has the efficacy that is not in doubt to overcome various health problems or female problems. Betel leaf content is very rich in compounds such as essential oils. In addition, betel leaf also contains antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. So it's no wonder that many health products use ingredients from betel leaves, especially for female problems.

What are the benefits?
Below are 7 benefits of betel leaf, which helps to overcome your female health problems

1. Maintaining the health of the vagina and vulva
With antifungal properties, betel leaves can clean up harmful molds. The trick, 10 pieces of betel leaf wash thoroughly and boil the betel leaf (use 500 ml to boil). Use the cooking water to clean miss v, do routine every morning and night.

2. your vagina becomes tighter
Not only to clean the female area, betel leaves are also very good to make the body look attractive. For women after childbirth is also good to drink boiled water betel leaf.

3 Eliminating Odor
Betel leaf stew can also help eliminate the unpleasant odor in Miss V, how to drink enough boiled water and clean your female area with the temptation of betel leaf regularly 2 times a day.

4. Overcoming Leucorrhoea
If you experience vaginal discharge, before it is severe it is very good to use betel leaf stew by consuming it and also as a cleanser as well. Do it regularly until vaginal discharge heals.

5. Overcoming Itching
Itching on the Miss V part is caused by bacteria, fungus, dirty and moist. Try regularly cleaning your miss v with a betel leaf decoction concoction.

6. Reducing excess fluid in the vaginal area
Betel leaf decoction is indeed a lot of benefits for the female area one of which cope with excess mucus on your femininity. The method is the same as above, namely by cleaning it regularly with betel water.

7. Increase Confidence
Well, in addition to overcoming the problems above. You will also be more confident after your problem is resolved. And also your relationship with your partner will be more harmonious.

Thus posting about the Benefits of Betel Leaves for the cleanliness of your vagina, hopefully these tips are useful for you 

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  1. Herbs are unique in relation to drugs in that they for the most part have shifted qualities and combinations of these synthetic substances in them.


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